The Good Life Experience 2019

Graphic Design
Art Direction
Creative Installation

I work with typography on a daily basis and love big bold lettering (Anthony Burrill and morag moyercough big influences) when developing my creative proposal for TGLE 2019 I wanted to something to anchor the heart of the new site and develop a place for people to come together.  While supersized type isn’t exactly a new concept, I wanted something to frame festival in a snapshot and challenged myself to produce these from scratch. 

This came with its challenges and a fair few trips to the builders merchants. I even roped in one of my friends, who is a local carpenter to assist for the really technical bits. I’ve realised asking for help is such a good thing. One of the things I’ve learnt from Charlie is that people are inherently good and will help if they can, and if they can’t what’s the worst that can happen they say no?

Photo: Hikaru Funnell
Photo: Department Two
Photo: Lottie Elizabeth
Photo: Louise Roberts
Photo: Depth & Field
Photo: Joel Baxter
Photo: Rupert Russell
Photo: Visit Wales
Photo: Louise Roberts